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Hi there, Hey, Hello

I started this blog for a few reasons. Reason 1, I wanted a way to connect. Though most people won’t admit it,the internet is sort of a “safe space” for many of us.We can be uninhibited and say our piece, oftentimes, without reprimand. We feel more connected with each other and find support despite it being a double edged sword of sorts. The 2nd reason, I honestly find it comforting. I happen to be one of those strange people who finds it much easier to speak her mind in written word. The 3rd and possibly final reason I started this blog, was to be an authentic voice in the “beauty community”. I love makeup and am constantly learning about it. That being said, what I don’t love is buying a product that’s been over hyped only to realize it’s a waste of money. In fact, I actually hate that. Being a consumer panelist, I’m pretty OK at differentiating between a wonderful product and wonderful marketing, and I want to help everyone be able to tell the difference. All in all, I’m on a journey, to discover more about myself, and I’d love it if you came along with me.

                  Until Next We Meet,




Workplace Woes: I Need to Vent!!!

I know I’ve never done a post like this before, but there’s a first time for everything so bear with me. 🐻

Look, I love my job. I really Really do! At the beginning of this year I was promoted and even received Two raises. Everything was peachy keen.

As I’m sure some of you know, growth in a company means growth in the amount of work you have to do. I’m fine with this but the way things have been going, I’m not only doing my job, I’m finding myself doing everyone else’s.

It can be incredibly frustrating because as I gain new responsibilities I notice that my coworkers still need me for everything. I could walk away to handle my own tasks and five minutes later all hell is breaking loose. I love being needed but I hate when people can’t seem to do anything without me.

It’s so stressful to have to finish my tasks and theirs. Eventually, I decided that enough is enough. I’ve decided to transfer and move away.

I’ve found my dream apartment (more on that in a later post) and it’s in a small town like I’ve always dreamed of. There’s good food, kind people, and wide open country roads. Naturally, I’ve been really looking forward to moving there.

At least, I was before last week. All of a sudden, managers were praising me. So far I’ve even gotten 3 private talks where the managers tell me how much of an asset I am, and how I do such a wonderful job, and how I’m bound for management.

It’s like, Finally!!! Finally, they’re taking notice to how hard I’ve been working. Finally, they’re proving that making me their go-to person isn’t just a way for them to take advantage of me. Finally I feel validated.

Great right? It would be if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve literally been counting down the days until I jump ship. I’ve been apartment shopping and mapping out what I plan to do with the space I’ll have. I’ve been planning this move for two months now, and I’ve got two more months to go.

This sucks. This stuck feeling, like I’m in quicksand and there’s a vine hanging over head but I’m too afraid to reach for it. I’m lost.

I’ve been so frustrated with work lately, and finally I’ve found a solution only for them to drop a big fat problem in my lap. Now, they’re invoking loyalty. Did I mention that I freaking love this job? Did I also mention that I freaking love these people?!

I keep thinking, what if this new job in this new town is horrible? What if it’s really boring? What if instead of standing out and moving up in this company I end up blending in?

All these feelings and thoughts are swirling around in my head, and I was Not feeling this uncertain until I started being appreciated.

I keep wondering if I go forward with this move, will I be making a mistake?

Anyway, thanks so much for letting me vent to you guys. It actually helped me feel a little better. Any tips or advice would be helpful.

Until Next We Meet,

Home and Style

Small Apartment Haul

So, one of my goals for this apartment is to have most of the things I need Before I move in. I know the more traditional thing is to move in and get everything as you go, but being unprepared gives me serious anxiety.

Anyway, in this video I show you guys a few of the things I’ve gotten for when I move.

How would you prepare for a big move?

Anyone else planning to move soon?

This is my first apartment so any tips and advice would be super helpful!

Until Next We Meet,


Um…Where the Hell have I been???

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Okay, I know I’ve been pretty M.I.A, but I can explain! 2018 has been the wildest year for me! So much has happened.

I was made full time on my job, I got Two raises, and I got a brand new car!

Her name is BettieπŸ’š

Most exciting of all, I’m currently apartment hunting!

Of course I’ll be bringing all of you along for the ride as I prepare to move in November.

Also, I’ll be playing a bit with interspersing video throughout my posts.

So many incredible things have happened for me this year and I can’t wait to for what’s to come.

How has your year been so far?

Until Next We Meet,


Does Being Light Skinned Make You Colorist?

Now, if you read the title of this and automatically thought “Well what about being dark skinned?” I get it, or at least I think I do. However, I’m choosing to speak from personal experience, and since I’m not dark skinned I don’t feel it’s my place to speak for the experience of those that are. However, if you are dark skinned and would like to share your opinion or personal experiences with colorism I am more than happy to hear you out because I seek a greater understanding of the experiences I may not share. Understanding is the gateway to connection.
I have a confession to make. When I was younger, I’m pretty sure I was as my mother would call it, “color struck”. I’m not quite sure how it happened but I have a pretty good idea. I was about five or six and best friends with two other light skinned little girls. I’ve always had a bit of a mean girl mentality; it’s something I still struggle against today. I have no idea where the desire to be cruel comes from but it sort of just bubbles up inside of me and then spills out like a poison or virus, infecting everyone around me. Anyway, there was a little brown skinned girl named Ebony. I would pick at her, We would pick at her. Tell her how dark she was, make fun of her hair. We were a bunch of nasty little brats. Looking back, I can’t possibly imagine the woman I am now being that horrible little girl, but I find it’s often easy to forget things we don’t want to remember.
Firstly, Ebony, I am sorry. I am sorry to every beautiful black little girl who has ever had to endure a mean little girl like me.
At five years old did I really know what I was doing? Maybe, maybe not, but since I continued to do it, if I didn’t know originally, I’m certain I was beginning to. Looking back it seems like one side of the spectrum was being glorified and the other side was being vilified. I remember being dotted on. I remember people always wanting to play in my hair. I remember my mother being stopped in the beauty supply store by someone wanting to know what I was mixed with. I remember her banning my family from buying white dolls because she wanted me to understand that my light skin didn’t stop me from being black. I remember getting to elementary school and getting picked at by a group of dark skinned girls and then somehow feeling justified in my disdain for black skin. Like what I had previously done to Ebony was somehow warranted because given the chance the darker girls would pick on me too. I remember feeling like it was Us Vs Them.
Us Vs Them. What kind of shit is that? How do we get so wrapped up in light versus dark? For no good reason we constantly fall prey to indoctrination that goes back generations. Not only is it absurd, it’s embarrassing.
I am ashamed of the little girl I used to be. I cringe Everytime I see someone making the same foolish statements that I did. As I age I continue to feel guilty about the comfort I took in being lighter. It’s as if the world around me was screaming White may be right but Light is still safe. I didn’t understand that a system of oppression doesn’t care that I am light skinned and Ebony is dark skinned. I didn’t understand that by speaking against her, I was speaking against myself. I didn’t understand that I was betraying the people that fought, and died for me to be here.
I didn’t know that Ebony and I were just Us, not Us Vs Them.
It wasn’t until I had a come to Jesus moment that I realized I had been separating myself from my allies. I was at war with my own race, and all because it made me feel special.
At least it did until a little white girl on the playground called me and the other little black girl I was picking at “Niggers”. All of a sudden, I no longer cared about Light and Dark. We were both black.

Until Next We Meet,

Holy Haul!

Walmart Plus Size Mini-Haul

Who doesn’t love to shop? Personally, I find it very therapeutic. As a plus size woman I’m constantly on the hunt for clothes that fit comfortably and look good on me (as I’m sure most women are in general). That can be iffy sometimes though. You’ll find a place and they’ll have a plus size section but the models they use are like a size 6. There’s nothing wrong with being a size 6 but it’s quite a stark contrast to being a size 16. Then it’s all about guess work. “It works for her, but will it work for me?”

So, I wanna eliminate some of that guess work, one haul at a time.

I just happened to be shopping online with the Walmart app when I stumbled across the plus size clothing section. First things I noticed were the prices! Their stuff is incredibly inexpensive! And while I’ve purchased the occasional clothing item in their store, the online shop has Way more to offer.

This is to help you all kind of gauge how things will fit on you in comparison to me. While all of these sizes are not relevant to this particular haul they may be relevant to future hauls. So this is the official Size Chart unless my sizing changes.

Now let’s get to it! Over all I purchased six pieces and paid around $43.50. It took about two to three days for me to get everything so it was surprisingly quick shipping. I received a total of 3 separate packages.

This is the first one
It had 3 pieces in it
This is the No Boundaries Juniors’ Plus V-Neck Tee. It was $4.47 and it’s a size 2x

It’s meh, I mean it’s a t-shirt. It’s fine it’s just that I prefer my tees a little looser. It’s a cotton and polyester blend so it’s fairly comfortable.

Also, I’m not fond of the fit around the collar. See that extra bit of fabric just off to the side? What is that?

This is the No Boundaries Juniors’ Plus Scoop Neck Tee. It was $3.00 and a size 2x.

For some reason I like this one a Whole lot better than the V-NECK. Maybe it’s the color. Also it seems a bit looser but that could just be my bias towards it. It’s also a cotton polyester blend.

Plus, there’s no extra fabric around the neck and shoulders so it actually fits right!

Up next, this romper by a brand called Paper Tee. It’s a size 2x and was $8.00.

Now I actually like this! The bodice is solid black with a lace overlay. It’s 100% polyester. A bit of shapewear and it’s golden. I’ll have to wear tights with it though because it’s not fitted around the thighs and I have a pretty round butt. One wrong move and it’s a peep show!

It plunges further than this, I’m just holding because you would see my bra.

There’s also a Lot of cleaveage so if you’re not comfortable putting your girls on display then maybe skip this one, or you could get it and pin it.

These cute bell sleeves are my favorite part!

Next package I got only had one piece.
It’s the No Comment Juniors’ Plus Strappy Cold Shoulder Choker Top. It’s a 2x and was $6.00.

Omg this top has a lot going on but I absolutely love it! It’s a polyester, rayon, and spandex mix. It’s so comfortable!

I love the plunging neckline with straps across the cleaveage. I just love this!

The only downside is the little bit of extra room around the neck, but it makes sense for it to be there.

My final package had two pieces in it.

This is the Poof! Juniors’ Plus Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Body con Dress. It’s a 2x and I paid $5.50 for it.

Welp, I hate it. Bear in mind I’m not wearing any shape wear. Maybe I’m just not there yet because it makes me feel like a big shiny blob. Oh yea, it’s a polyester and spandex mix.

I hate the shoulder and neck line the most. See how it’s hanging off my shoulders? It’s not supposed to do that!

Nothing in it’s description says it’s off shoulder.

You can even tell it’s wrong by looking at how far down my arm the shoulder seam is?! Just…No.

These are the Rock & Stone Foil Patch Skinny Jeans. They’re a size 20 and they cost $11.00.

These jeans have been the Highlight of this haul. I am literally in love with them! They’re so comfortable and they fit so well!

Look how cute these patches are!

To wrap all this up, I’m pretty pleased. Some of the stuff wasn’t my favorite (looking at you silver garbage bag), but Walmart has an amazing return policy. I got a refund and I got to keep what I returned all because I didn’t like it!

I’ll definitely be doing another haul from them in the future. What other store do you want me to haul?

Until Next We Meet,


The Magic Shop

You do not know who I am,
But the heavens are in awe of me.
You do not know who I am,
But I wear every star in the sky as my crown.
You do not know who I am,
But the wind whispers sweet nothings to me.
You do not know who I am,
But God’s creatures sing my praises.
You do not know who I am,
But the Universe birthed me in her own divine image.
You do not know who I am,
But you do not have to know.
Miracles seldom need recognizing.

Club Kid Chic

When you’re running late 😣

What’s you’re favorite club scene? Do you like to rave? Love a good dance hall? Personally, I’m a jazz club kind of girl. Give me some low lighting and a little smooth music and I am prepared to vibe the night away.

When you see your girls all dolled up πŸ˜„

Bearing in mind that I’m no makeup artist or beauty guru I went for a look that would be good for a jazzy scene (pun intended). I did a gold and deep blue lid with a copper lip. It reads vibrant without stepping out of theme.

When the cute guy in the corner looks your way 😍

Products Used

  • NYX Proof It! Eye primer
  • Make-up Revolution Salvation Palettes in Welcome to the Pleasuredome and Unicorns Unite
  • Starlooks Artist Eyeliner
  • PΓΌr Cosmetics lashes in Bombshell
  • AOA Studio’s Perfecting Blur Primer
  • AOA Studio’s Wonder Cover HD Concealer in Lavender
  • Cargo Cosmetics One Base Foundation in C04
  • Broadway Colors Powder Cheek Palette Kit in Summer
  • BeBe Strobe Palette from the Vanity Box Collection (specifically the shade Lilac Dreams
  • Trifle Cosmetics Sponge Bronzer
  • AOA Studio’s Wonder Metal Liquid Lipsticks in Truffle and OMG

I hope you guys enjoyed this look and let me know if there’s any others you want me to try!

Until Next We Meet