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Coastal Scents Lipsticks

Coastal Scents is a cosmetics brand who’s products can be found both online and in store (Bliss Beauty). While the brand has yet to become a household name, they have amassed a rather large following, at least 180 thousand followers on Instagram.

Here are a few quick facts about the brand.

  • This brand is cruelty free.
  • They sell fair trade items.
  • They have a partnership with Project Ghana

I purchased three lipsticks. They were shades number 02, 09, and 15 (swatches below). At the time of my purchase, there was a 50% off sale on the lippies. I got each one for $1.98. With taxes (municipal, state, and federal), and shipping (prices vary as they are based on the size and weight of your order), I ended up paying $8.86 in total.

*I am unsure if the sale shown in this photo is temporary or a permanent promotion.

I placed the order on 3/31/17 and received it on 4/07/17. Considering that they ship through an international shipping service, a week isn’t bad at all.

The outer packaging is a glossy cardboard with logo branding on two sides, a cute little embossed lippie on the third side, and a full list of ingredients on the last side.

The packaging of the actual lipsticks is cute enough. It’s comfortable and sleek.

The bullet is flattened out to a neat point and application is a breeze.

๐ŸŽˆBold, Bright Beautiful๐ŸŽˆ *since Coastal Scents does not name their lipsticks, I’ve given them names I feel are fitting, placed next to the number CS has given them.

Shade 02- Poised in Pink

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this shade, I’m not a pink kind of woman. It was nice and soft and demure. It went on easily and was very hydrating.

Shade 09- The Mulberry Bush

While this Shade was my absolute favorite, this lippie was not. It went on a little patchy and I found myself constantly reapplying to get the shade as even as possible.

Shade 15- Red Eye Flight

Oh yea!! This was The best. The color was beautiful and it went on like velvet! Definitely the classic red lipstick.

Shop the Lippies Here!

All in all, these lipsticks were definitely a gem. Given the price (on sale or not) I’m definitely interested in shopping the whole collection. Not only does this brand have wonderful lippies, they have wonderful practices as well.

Until Next We Meet,



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