I Love the Greatest

I Love the Greatest
With ease,

My body passed around 

Like a collection plate in a Southern Baptist Church.
In my days as a flower, I grew Wilde before I was forced to bloom.

My petals were ripped open.
My ivories of the carnation

Blistered into a scorched red.

I’m not a flower anymore.

I’m a woman.
Momma said there’d be days like this.

Days when I couldn’t hide behind Hemingway’s white elephants.
Now as a woman, I love the greatest like a bitch in heat.

My hedonism morphed me like a Hellraiser.
Mmm, my body calling out,

Thrashin’ wild in the wind.

I urge me forward,

And the tender parts are scraps ravaged by the homeless.

I Love the Greatest.


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