Boxycharm Scandal: Broken Highlighters?!

In case you haven’t heard, Boxycharm has found itself in a whole whirlwind of trouble. I’ve got a few theories on the problem, but first, a few quick facts about boxycharm.

  1. Boxycharm is a monthly subscription service that specializes in beauty and skin care.
  2. The service is $21.00 a month.
  3. Each month subscribers can expect to receive 4-5 full size items.
  4. There is currently a wait list with some individuals claiming to have been on it a few months.

Now, on to the good stuff. This month Boxycharm assured every subscriber that they would be receiving a $35.00 Ofra highlighter in the shade ‘Rodeo Drive’. Being a subscriber myself, I was over the moon, as most people were.

Unfortunately, when the boxes arrived, we kind of lost our high. When I got my “boxymail” I immediately opened it up. Since the highlighter was what I was most excited about, I was pleased to see it wrapped in bubble wrap. I was giddy as a school girl until I picked it up and noticed the familiar and unpleasant sound of rattling. Turns out, my highlighter was completely dislodged from the pan. 

 Luckily, I was able to fix it with a little super glue and duct tape, talk about a close call, but others weren’t quite so lucky. 

*the individuals are blurred out of respect for their privacy.* 

It seems we were all destined to have a bad Boxycharm experience. Before I go into what Boxycharm has decided to do, or not do, in response to the slew of customer complaints, let’s talk a little bit about how the highlighters could’ve been broken in the first place. 

The first and most obvious theory is the postal service. Now, the USPS, UPS, and FedEx, aren’t exactly prone to perfection. In fact when things get damaged in the mail the assumption is that one of these services did it. Careless shipping could be the answer, except it doesn’t quite fit. It’s highly unlikely that All of these people with broken highlighters have bad postal workers, and if that were the case, wouldn’t there be significantly less complaints, and wouldn’t those people complaining be upset about more than the highlighter?

The next theory on the table is that Ofra bears the sole responsibility. Clearly they sent out broken highlighters and were irresponsible in general. Of course, if this were the case, wouldn’t Boxycharm have noticed the highlighters broken in the first place? Wouldn’t there have been some sort of delay in box deliveries because Boxycharm would need Ofra to send all new highlighters?

Another theory is that this is all Boxycharm’s fault. Boxycharm gave us broken highlighters because they were careless. Here’s the thing though, the highlighters were bubble wrapped. Now I’ve yet to order anything from Ofra so I don’t exactly know if they did it, or if Boxycharm wrapped the highlighters. Since I’ve been with Boxycharm for five months and have received items bubble wrapped the same way before, I’m confident in saying Boxycharm does it in the packing process. If that were the case, it’s incredibly unlikely Boxycharm would wrap up highlighters they Know were broken.

Now, here’s my favorite theory, and the one I’m most confident in. Boxycharm and Ofra are Both to blame. Earlier in this post I showed a photo of my highlighter. Now I received it with a loose pan, but it was Not shattered. If you were to go through the comments on Boxycharm’s Instagram you would find that others also received loose pans. This leads me to believe that two acts of recklessness culminated in beauty disaster. Ofra is guilty of using cheap glue on their pans, causing them to loosen. Once Boxycharm packaged the boxes, it’s likely they tossed them around, treating them carelessly. The loose pans coupled with the lack of proper handling wound up causing many of the highlighters to bounce around and shatter. Boxycharm likely would have had no earthly idea this occurred because the boxes were already packed and taped. Truly a tragedy.

Now surely Boxycharm is going to bear the brunt of this snafu. What exactly are they going to do about it? One would think they’d replace the highlighters as is their policy 

Yet, that has not happened. In fact, a few customers seem to have a very different experience. 

*looks like Boxycharm is radio silent.

So, clearly their customer service isn’t the best right now. Maybe it’s back logged from the sheer number of complaints. 

*Charms instead? 

Hmm, it looks like replacements may be too much to ask for. Maybe it’s too soon to tell. Perhaps I’ll have to keep a close eye on the comments under next month’s box as well.

Can you stand the shade of it all? Broken highlighters and charms in place of replacements? Do you think I’m right? Whose fault is it? Have you had a similar experience? I look forward to seeing what you think about this scandal.

Until Next We Meet,



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