Walmart Beauty Box: Spring 2017 – Full of Surprises?

Hmm, this box was just about all misses for me, but before we get into that, here are a few quick facts about the Walmart Beauty Box:

  1. This box is free. Walmart claims the $5.00 you pay is only a flat rate for shipping.
  2. As of right now the box is seasonal (there’s one for each season).
  3. There are usually a large variation of boxes each season. That means any spoilers you find might not necessarily reflect your actual box.

Now let’s get into it.

*cute enough right?

I wasn’t particularly blown away with this box. Nothing really seemed to stand out to me as interesting. Somehow I wound up more shocked after trying these items than I was after opening the box.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer and Facial Oil

One of these things was a hit and the other a definite miss!  I used the facial oil as apart of my skin prepping routine before applying makeup. Instead of using hydrocortisone as a moisturizer (it moisturizes skin and can help soothe redness without clogging pores), I used the facial oil instead. It worked out pretty well! It left my skin with a nice glow.

*the deer in headlights look is all the rage

The facial moisturizer however, did exactly what I was expecting it Not to do. I used as a part of my morning skin routine (again in place of hydrocortisone). It clogged my pores and left my skin looking more inflamed!  *talk about over it!

The Gliss Shampoo and Conditioner were nothing special. The only interesting thing about them was the packaging. Their dispensers are shaped in a way to give you the perfect squeeze every time. That means less mess which I have to admit I’m fond of.

Maybe I’m not the best person to test out John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Conditioner. My hair is always frizzy! That’s it’s natural state! A kinky ball of fuzz! I honestly didn’t notice any difference.

I never tested this product out. As a black woman I knew it wasn’t for me. It’s a little weird to find something for specific skin tones in a box that doesn’t even let you fill out a profile. Definite miss because I’m already golden. I was born that way.

Now this was a trip! Here we go again with the obvious assumption that only one kind of person receives this box. I Knew this wasn’t gonna be my shade, but I tried it anyway so I could review it for you. My thoughts on this aren’t based on shade, they’re based on the actual quality of the product.

It’s clearly a thick mousse texture. It says it’s lightweight but that’s certainly untrue.

I applied it like I normally do.

From far away it looked great! Excusing the clear shade mismatch it was a nice full coverage and looked almost airbrushed.

*again we’re ignoring the fact that this is Not my shade.

Close up was a different story. You could see streak marks from my foundation brush. It sits and anything you put on it will just move the foundation around causing it to get patchier and streakier. This is one you have to work quickly with. Apply it, blend it, ( probably with a beauty blender since it’s so thick it just rests on top of brush bristles) and be done. Maybe don’t touch your face either because something tells me the oil in your finger will cause this to slide around.

This was a definite win!! I loved this. When I first saw it I wasn’t interested in it at all, but I’m so glad I gave it a try. This is perfect for a morning skin routine. It smells of grapefruit (citrus, and earthy smells are my favorite) and it feels so minty and cool. This definitely wakes me up in the morning. Plus, it’s actually pretty great for your skin!

All in all this box was a no go. If it weren’t for the Bioré I’d probably have nothing nice to say about this box at all. Perhaps next season will be better.

Until Next We Meet,



2 thoughts on “Walmart Beauty Box: Spring 2017 – Full of Surprises?”

  1. “My hair is always frizzy! That’s it’s natural state! A kinky ball of fuzz! ” – lol! This made me laugh. ^_^
    “Definite miss because I’m already golden. I was born that way.” – haha, so weird that they would choose certain skin tones for this box!
    And what a shame about the Rimmel foundation, yuck!! Thank you for reviewing these things, save me from wasting money! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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