Ellifunny and Ngozi the Goof

Here we are, amidst a happy ending

I find myself smiling all the time.

My thoughts are of you and only you.
Married for six months and haven’t even had an argument yet.

We whiz around each other in a flurry of kisses and goodbyes.
We’re always busy.

We still find time though.
We still leave notes to each other in random places.

We still sign them with silly names.
We still love each other as much as we did when we first met.
Who knew I’d wind up with my soulmate? -Ellison

I love you. Plain and simple.

I say it everyday, but it still feels like I don’t say it enough.
Things have been hectic lately.

Between you starting your new job and my paintings finding their way into a gallery opening, we hardly have time to take each other in.
It doesn’t matter though. It doesn’t matter because my heart still races whenever I’m around you. I giggle to myself sometimes because all I do is wonder what you’re doing.
My mom still calls to ask how the newlyweds are and I tell her the truth. “Really mama, we couldn’t be happier. We still write little love notes to each other and everything. I still take little sniffs when he’s around because I love the way he smells.”
I smile to myself. The last one is a little bit of a fib. I still love the way you smell, but it’s different. Not your scent. Less Ellison and more wild hibiscus. Wonder if you’re trying to get my attention with a new cologne. Haha! You used to do that when we first started dating. Maybe I’ll leave you a little note about it. -Ngozi


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