Declaration of a Negress

I was caged, and free all at once. It happened so suddenly that I almost didn’t take notice.

I had become Africa.
It happened over night.
I went to bed in cotton and awoke in Ankara.
Shame of my people melted clean off of my skin.
It pooled around me and chilled like wax.
I walked through fire for this.
This unshakeable pride.
This inane ability to place the world upon my chest, a mobi wrap.

I am Africa.
From the ark of creation I sprang forth,
Tithing this modern people in my own womb.

It happened so quickly.
Woke, they call it.
I looked in the mirror that morning and realized I had grown another eye.
Placed gently upon my forehead
There it was, open and staring at me.
I gazed upon it with the two I had always known, and I was touched with previous knowledge of it’s presence.
In it’s stare I saw the universe, the way, the truth, and the light.

Guided through this experience with caution I had become aware.
Aware of the land writhing in me.
From, Cairo to Lagos and beyond.

My blood pure and red, runs through me.
Through Africa.

Suddenly, I felt a kindred bond with this place I have never even been.
Course lands and pride.
It was like I had known it,
Intimately my entire life.
Motherland, they call it.

Even now as I spill these words, these secrets, this water.
I feel it.
Calling to me,
And like a prophet,
I’ve come to spread the holy word.


6 thoughts on “Declaration of a Negress”

  1. I love the theme of having an instant and unexplainable knowledge, awareness, and yearning with one’s past culture. I often feel a connection with Greece and yet I’ve never been. I have deep roots there and sometimes I long for them. So strange!

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