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e.l.f. Studio HD Blush: Headliner Heartbreak?

Today I’m reviewing one of the items I snagged on a sale E.L.F. was having a few weeks ago, but before we do that, here are a few quick facts about e.l.f. cosmetics:

  1. e.l.f. prides itself on luxury cosmetics that don’t break the bank.
  2. They have a helpful Beauty Blog Here
  3. They are independently owned. That means they make All decisions concerning their brand. There’s something to say about that level of autonomy.

Now let’s get on to it. I purchased the liquid blush in the shade ‘Headliner’. At the time of my purchase, it was on sale for $1.20. I believe the regular price of it was $4-6 . 

Unfortunately, it looks as if this product has officially been discontinued. It is no longer available at Walmart and is nowhere to be found on e.l.f.’s site under Blush

It Is still available at amazon, albeit at a pretty inflated price. Get the Blush Here!

I was excited to try the blush. I’ve never tried a liquid blush before and was pumped for the new experience. 

The packaging is a little plastic bottle with a small black pump for a cap.

To my surprise it came out as more of a mousse and less of a fluid. I was a little put off but pressed on. I just wasn’t expecting a blush with the same texture as a foundation. Because of it’s moussey quality it had to be applied in swipes and I noticed parts of it dried much quicker than others. This is something you have to start blending pretty quickly or it’s going to dry down however you applied it. 

The color provided a beautiful flush once I Really worked it in there. Because of the way it dries up, I would suggest avoiding a beauty blender for application. By the time you start trying to blend, this blush just won’t move (trust me, I tried). I think the best thing to apply it with would be a fluffy brush. A brush that ideally, had very soft bristles in the center and slightly stiff bristles on the outside. Since this product tends to dry on the edges first, the stiffer bristles can help really work in the dry product while the softer ones blend in the rest. 

I hate to say it because I Am such a huge fan of e.l.f. cosmetics, but I don’t think this blush is a Gem. Yes, it provides a beautiful flush but if you don’t work it just right, you’re almost guaranteed to look patchy. It just isn’t worth the hassle so I honestly wouldn’t bother, especially not when e.l.f. has so many other beautiful blushes that work like a dream. 

So keep those cheeks with a Royal Flush,

Until Next We Meet,



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