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ColourPop Supershock Highlighter: Glowing, Glowing, Gone.

Like many makeup fanatics I love a good highlight. This might sound odd but I am in love with gleaming! It always makes me feel like an alien, or a fairy, or a glazed donut (I’m currently starving), but you get the point. So when ColourPop named a highlighter super shock, I just knew I’d be getting that glow. Before we get into how things went, here are a few quick facts about ColourPop: 

  1. ColourPop is only a few years old, having gotten its start in 2014. They’re definitely on track to be a Cosmetics Giant.
  2. The brand is cruelty free and bunny approved. I love knowing little fuzzies aren’t hurt in the making of this product.
  3. They have cute names for their customers like “ColourPoppers” and “ColourPopettes”!

Now here’s the good stuff. I purchased the super shock highlighter in the shade ‘Perilune’, (which is defined as when something is closest to the center of the moon). I definitely think that’s a clever name for a highlighter.  I would describe it as an irredescent green. 

I purchased it for $6.00, which is the typical price for ColourPop products. The processing and shipping was pretty quick (ColourPop is usually pretty good about that). Usually, if there is any sort of a delay in shipping ColourPop is very good about emailing you and letting you know what’s going on. 

The swatch had me in love. It’s glimmery and beautiful. The texture is absolutely incredible. It’s soft and creamy and there’s the slightest bit of bounce when you press into it. I’ve honestly never had anything like it before. 

Putting it on my face was like a dream come true! It’s silky and magical. The only negative thing I have to say is that it magnifies the texture of your skin a little, but it’s definitely not the worst I’ve seen.

Ok so I went a little glow crazy. I used it as a lip topper and couldn’t stop taking pictures after that. In fact, I would say this is my Favorite way to use this highlighter. You really get to see the color and the shimmer of it this way. Definitely a win!

I don’t know what you would call this, but I’d definitely call it a gem! For $6.00 how could you Not get it?! I honestly think you can’t go wrong with this one.

I say glow crazy!

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