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Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: the Prime of Our Lives?

Primers are important. They essentially prep your skin for your makeup. I mean, you don’t wanna go to war without your armor on. Smashbox is a well loved brand known for their primers. This one in particular may be the most known. I’ve had some feelings about it for a while, and since I was asked to review it, I figured what the heck. Before we go into it, let’s go over a few quick facts about the brand:

  1. The brand is cruelty free.
  2. “Camera Ready” is their thing. They are actually named after an iconic photo studio in L.A, as well as an actual type of camera.
  3. The founder of the brand is a photographer.

Now let’s get down to business. Although I’ve received this in a subscription service we’ll pretend I didn’t. The primer retails on the site for $36.00. Luckily though, the travel size is available on Sephora for $16.00. 

*this is the travel size

Honestly I don’t imagine ever picking up the full size because the travel size actually has a decent amount of product and is half the price. 

It has a very nice texture and leaves the skin feeling silky. You definitely don’t need much of it to get the job done. 

Now Smashbox makes some pretty extravagant claims about it. It’s supposed to blur fine lines and pores. I honestly never noticed until taking a look at these photos.

*this is right Before I rubbed the primer in

As you can see, I have a few blemishes I need to cover. I also have a tendency toward redness. 

*this is After the primer is rubbed in

Now maybe it’s just me, but my blemishes look smoother. They’re certainly not invisible but they are definitely a lot less pronounced. To top it off the redness is almost completely gone.

I would definitely describe the end result as “Camera Ready”. 

I know I said in a previous post that I felt this stuff was kind of a cop out, and I still do. I know it’s sentimental to Smashbox because it’s the first product they ever created, I just feel it would be cool for them to present some of their other products in subscription services. 

None of that matters though, because this really is an amazing primer. It honors the claims made and more. If you’re in the market for a primer, I’d suggest going with this one.

I hope you’re having the prime of your life!

Until Next We Meet,



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