Influenster Daisy VoxBox: Pushing Up Daisies?

So I was given the opportunity Influenster to review some items they sent to me for free. Before we get into what I think of this box, let’s go over a few quick facts about Influenster:

  1. They regularly send out VoxBoxes, items for people to review.
  2. You don’t have to be some huge influencer or beauty guru to get a VoxBox. You just have to download the app and use it pretty frequently.
  3. The app is more than just a way to snag freebies. You can write reviews and ask questions. It’s perfect for when you need an unbiased opinion of something before you buy it.

Now we’ll get to the good stuff, but before we do, I just want to be clear that I am giving my 100% honest opinion on these items. Regardless of how I come into possession of a product, I am always going to be honest. I maintain the right to be authentic at all times. Let’s get to it. 

This might be tmi, but foam pads are Not for me. I’ll admit I prefer the foam material for comfort reasons but these are so thin I spent the day running back and forth to the restroom, desperate to prevent a disaster that never happened. I’m more of a stress free period kind of girl. I don’t like feeling like each time could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Do you like feeling like a coconut? I definitely do! You guys know how I feel about shampoos and conditioners. Most of the time they’re not really different from each other. I will say this stuff kept my hair soft and it’s so fragrant it was like a bath bomb for my hair. That’s a win.

I liked these a lot! I’m not one for tummy trouble but it’s so weird. Have you ever done something that you always do in a different way and realized that you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time? That’s what this is like. When I got these I thought “pshh, I don’t need digestive health vitamins”. Boy, was I wrong! Without going into too much detail, let’s just say I’m now also looking into getting a squatty potty because apparently, I had no idea what I was doing for 22 years of my life.

*I feel like a modern art piece

One thing you guys should know is that I love face masks. I really Really love them. That being said, aside from being relaxing, I don’t know that this did anything in particular. My skin was more or less the same. It felt really good though.

OK, what’s better for binge watching Netflix than popcorn? They seriously go hand in hand. I’ve always been a fan of skinny pop. I like that it’s not over salted or covered in greasy butter. It’s a light and fluffy snack that’s easy to shovel into my mouth in the middle of a scary movie. What more could I ask for?

All in all, this was a pretty awesome box. I definitely found some new loves and had a lot of fun testing stuff out. Have you ever heard of Influenster? 

*DISCLAIMER: While these items were provided to me complimentary by Influenster, all opinions in this blog post are My Own. As Always.

Until Next We Meet,



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