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BH Cosmetics Cool Stone Palette: Lost their Marbles?

I snagged this palette just before BH Cosmetics was a relatively known brand. They were right on the cusp of indie and I got in there just before they started riding the wave of mainstream. Before we get into if this palette is good or not, let’s go over a few quick facts about the brand: 

  1. One of their first collaborations was with Ashley Tisdale. I love her!
  2. They originated in the City of Angels.
  3. They do wholesale. That means they can pop up in a lot of random places.

Let’s get down to it shall we? I picked this palette up for $11.99. I was instantly drawn to the beautiful packaging. It’s a light hued pink with a deeper pink swirled around it for a marble effect. Talk about pretty. For the price to be so cheap, they certainly didn’t skimp on the packaging. It took about 4-5 days for the item to arrive. 

I’ll be honest. I was super excited just because of the colors. I’m not a neutral color kind of girl so I was definitely into the vivid shades in the palette. Look at that matte purple!

*I Always do swatches as they are. That means no primer or anything else that would improve the quality of the swatch!

So the texture of these shadows are amazing. I absolutely love them. They remind me of a cream to powder finish.  They are soft and incredibly blendable. The swatches are gorgeous and I love how well the colors show up. 

I Really love this palette. The only criticism I can think of (trust me, I tried Hard to think of some) is that there’s a little bit of kickback. So I would suggest tapping of the excess on your brushes before doing your eye makeup. 

The colors are pigmented and vivid. I’ve heard rumor that some BH palettes have to be foiled, but that is Not the case with this palette. It blends beautifully and I am truly in love. In fact, I’m so in love that I plan on picking up the Warm Stone Marble palette very soon. You can grab the palette here!

Don’t lose your marbles! Consider picking up this little gem and save a few coins.

Until Next We Meet,



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