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Spil Cosmetics: Lips to Love?

Since reaching 100 followers I’ve been on the hunt for more indie brands. One of the first ones I came across was Spil Cosmetics.  Their Instagram is sporting videos of people running swatches of the lipstick under water and trying to rub them. Nothing came off when they rubbed and I Knew I had to try this. Before we get into the transfer proof truth, let’s go over a few quick facts about the brand:

  1. All of their sales are final.
  2. They claim that their lippies are kiss proof.
  3. Their lippies are also supposed to be water proof.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Immediately I notice that their site is a little bare, but that’s to be expected of indie brands since they usually have to make products in small batches. That just means more love! I do wish their ‘about us’ page was a little more fleshed out. Maybe they could give us some insight into why they started Spil, or maybe some fun facts. Not that I’m one to talk since my ‘About Me’ page doesn’t even use whole sentences.

Their lippies are going for $7.99 and you can buy a set of all of them for $35.00. I have no idea about the shipping because I purchased right before Mother’s Day and there was free shipping at the time.

I snagged one in the shade ‘Hudson’ because you guys know I love funky colors.

Spil describes ‘Hudson’ as a cool toned aqua. Let me tell you, these babies dry fast! I’m talking within five seconds of you applying they are completely matte. They’re not so drying that they’re uncomfortable. You won’t feel like your lips are cracking or anything. No one’s  gonna look at you and think they should get you some water because you’ve clearly been wondering the desert for forty days and forty nights. 

So, are these lippies kiss proof? Um, yea! There was literally no transfer. Nothing came off when I kissed my hand. I also had a sandwich and soup for dinner and I was still good to go. As far as comfort goes this was pretty good. You wouldn’t forget it was there, but it’s not at all uncomfortable. 

I’m gonna have to say this was a win. I might actually pick up a few more colors. So if you want to give your lips a little something to love, I would say definitely check these out! 

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