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Mikasa Beauty Brushes: Glam Game On?

A couple of weeks ago, this brilliant little brand contacted me in hopes that I would review some of their products. Before we find out if they made the right move, let’s go over a few quick facts about the brand:

  1. This brand’s home is in the heart of Vancouver.
  2. There’s a whole team of experienced professionals behind this brand.
  3. They are committed to making the best brushes with the best prices.

Let’s get down to business. 

I received the lemon drop sponge (S100) free of charge for review purposes. While I did pay for the foundation brush (F300) and the eye shadow brush (E320) with my own funds, Mikasa provided me with a special 40% off coupon code in order to do so. Regardless of how I received these items, all opinions on them, as stated in this blog, are 100% my own, promise.

Although I received these in a bit of a special way, we’ll examine them as if I hadn’t. The foundation brush I picked (the F300) is priced at $16.00. The eye shadow brush (a tapered blending brush, E320) was priced at $12.00. The lemon drop sponge (S100) is $11.00. Since the company is Canadian, shipping to the states was a bit steep. The shipping was $9.95. It only took about a week for everything to arrive. 

OK, so I may have gotten worked into a frenzy over the packaging. The boxes are a foiled gold and black with the brand name embossed on the top. One side tells you how to properly care for the items and another describes how they work. I love the detail and effort put into it.

*as you can see, I snapped a lot of pictures.

I used the lemon drop first. I used it to blend in a little purple concealer under my eyes. It’s extremely soft and the point of it worked well.

It blended out pretty well!

Next up I gave the foundation brush (F300) a whirl. I used it to put on my foundation and then I used the lemon drop sponge to blend it out. The brush was decent. I did find it a little too stiff for my liking but it certainly didn’t make for difficult application, and the brush didn’t seem to soak up much product.

While the lemon drop was great for my concealer, it just couldn’t handle the battery it met when dealing with my entire face. It’s so soft that it wound up malformed. Poor little baby. Maybe I was a little too rough. The packaging does say it can be used wet Or dry so maybe next time I won’t wet it. 

I must admit, both products did my face justice. They have their pit falls but they work pretty well as a team. 

The best brush of the bunch is Definitely the tapered blending brush (E320). I used it for my bottom lid and fell in love. The bristles are light and just a tad separated so you can really pick up pigment. 

I have certainly found a new brush bff. Even though it’s fluffy, when I used a palette with kickback, none of the shadow got into my eye. This is brush boo for sure.

I must admit, I’m pretty happy. I do prefer my PΓΌr Cosmetics sponges to the lemon drop and the foundation brush is a tad stiff (though that will Not stop me from using it). That eye brush is literally amazing. I love it and am so happy I got a chance to try it. I can see more wild eye looks in the Very near future.

Are you in the market for a few good brushes? Would you give Mikasa a try? Does their packaging also remind You of really nice business cards?

Until Next We Meet,


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