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Fiona Stiles Shadow Quads: The Eyes Have It?

There’s nothing more fun than finding a product you absolutely love. A good shadow is a game changer. The best part? A good shadow at a good price. Now, instead of going over a few quick facts about this brand, I’ll refer you to my soft cheek veil review here.

Now let’s get down to business. I snagged this quad for $7.00. It’s currently on sale, and the full price is $28.00. I have it in ‘Electra’. It’s described as a purple/burgundy palette.

The quad is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the color range.

 *For this post I did things a little different. I’ve done swatches both with And without primer so that you guys can really get a feel for the quality of the shadows. I thought this way would be pretty good because while some wear primer, others don’t. It’s important to see both so you know what you’re getting in to. If you guys prefer me to swatch With and Without primer, let me know!* 

*Here are the shadows without primer. They’re very pigmented and the color range is well thought out.  

*Here are the shadows with primer. They definitely have more of a punch this way.

Honestly? The shadows are fantastic! My favorite part is that there’s virtually no fall out! I didn’t even have to tap my brush once! I think this is because of the texture of the shadows. They’re pressed but the powder is so finely milled that the shadows stick in the brush instead of falling you onto your cheeks or anywhere else.

I’ve gotta admit. I have Never wanted to own all of Any beauty product before in my life. Yet, I’ve ordered the other five of these quads. I wholeheartedly want to own every last one of these. Fiona Stiles is making some big changes for her brand, so I suggest you snag one before they go back to full price.
Either way, keep your eyes on the prize.

Until Next We Meet,


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