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NYX Proof It! Eyshadow Primer: Proof in the Primer?

Eyeshadow primers are a dime a dozen. The makeup market is saturated with them. The problem is, it’s not too easy to find one at a good price, with great quality. The old adage “You get what you pay for” often comes to mind. But, is that really true? 

Since I’ve reviewed a NYX product before, there’s no need to go over quick facts about the brand. If you’re curious, or late to the party, don’t worry, we still have plenty of tapas and the bar never closes. You can check out those quick NYX facts here.

Let’s get down to business and let the eyes have it. I picked this primer up at Ulta for $6.00, though NYX is selling it for $7.00. 

*the applicator is a doe foot.

Because what would an eyeshadow primer review be without swatches, I’ve done some. I have some swatches with the primer, and some without. 🎈In case you’re wondering, the swatches are from the Fiona Stiles shadow quad in ‘Meier’.🎈

*here are the swatches sans primer.* 

*here are the swatches with primer.*

It’s obvious the primer helps the shadows pack more of a punch (though they are gorgeous in their own right). 

 I’ll be fair in saying, I never really got to test if this was water proof in a natural way since I don’t have oily lids, or watery eyes. I just tested by rubbing a wet finger across my lid. 

After rubbing my entire lid, a small amount of shadow did come off. However, it’s only a teensy amount and it’s definitely not noticeable on my eye. 

I’m gonna go ahead and say that I love this primer. While it’s not completely waterproof, it is certainly water resistant. Besides, waterproof doesn’t completely matter to me, as I was just interested in it’s ability to showcase shadows on the lid. For $7.00 it’s a wonderful product.

What do you think? Need a little more proof? 

Until Next We Meet,


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