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Maybelline Brow Drama Shaping Chalk: Brows on Beast Mode?

Brows are a big deal for me. They’re the one thing I’m Extremely particular about when it comes to my face. I’m always coming across products that claim to be the next best brow thing, but they never do what I need them to do for my brows. So when Maybelline and Influenster sent me this brow chalk to review, I assumed I would chalk it up to another brow bleh and move on. Before we find out if my brows told this stuff buh-bye, let’s go over a few quick facts about the brand: 

  1. The brand is owned by L’Oreal.
  2. According to Maybelline’s site, L’Oreal no longer tests on animals, making Maybelline officially cruelty free!!! 
  3. Maybelline uses the Girl Project to help fund education.

Now let’s get on with it. 

I received this product for free to review, compliments of Maybelline and Influenster. Despite receiving this item for free, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own, promise.

Firstly, I think it’s important to talk about the way I like to do my brows so you can get a good idea of what I’m looking for in a product. I love the way that my brows are naturally. I don’t think they need to be shaped or threaded or tweezed. I only ever want to fill them in a little. Sort of like my brows, but better. 

I received this in the shade ‘Medium Brown’, and it retails for $9.99. The wand is essentially a paddle. You use the flat part to fill in most of the brow and the edge of it for the tail end of the brow. 

*the left is before, and the right is after*

This is definitely what I was looking for. My brows, but better. In order to make this work for me, I had to go in with a Very light hand. If you don’t, you wind up with two smudges for brows. 

Now, when I unboxed this brow chalk on Snapchat (as I often do), I wondered if the magic was all in the wand and if it could be used with other brow powders. Apparently those of you that follow me on Snapchat (poisonedannie) did too because I got some DMs asking if I would try it with another brow powder. So, I did. I used it with my go to brow bestir, Brow Gal’s Convertible Brow 02 (pictured above). 

It turns out that it works Great! So if you wind up disliking the brow chalk but you love the wand (it’s the smoothest application of a brow product I’ve ever had) you can use the wand with another brow powder. 

I really am pleased with this chalk. Despite having to have a light touch, it makes my brows beautiful, and I promise, the wand is really like magic. I think it’s perfect for brow beginners because it’s so easy to use, and I’m glad the wand can be used with other powders.

What do you think? Are my brows beat?

Until Next We Meet,


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