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Kiko Milano Double Color Baked Blush: The Royal Flush?

I love blushes. They’re my favorite kind of beauty product. That being said, I’m always on the hunt for a cheeky pop of color. Since I’ve already reviewed something from this brand before, we’ll save the fast facts. You can check them out here

Now let’s be cheeky! 

I snagged this blush for half off at $10.90, since it’s a part of their limited edition holiday collection (which is not gone yet). It’s in the shade ‘Harmonious Bisque’. 

When I swatched it, the shimmer confused the heck out of me, but the powder pink was enough to make me give it a try. 

I checked on the site and it turns out it’s a highlighting blush. Now the shimmer makes perfect sense! 

The pink is such a soft flush of color, and the shimmer comes of as more of an ambient lighting powder than anything. I really love this blush. Not only does it do two jobs in one, but it’s beautiful and soft.

I’m not showing my hand, but I have a flush.

Until Next We Meet,


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