Night Cap

This is bullshit. It was supposed to turn out differently.

Last night I gave you the stars.

All you gave me was a mess. Stained sheets, wild hair, a leg cramp, and nothing to show for it. With you, I felt more alone than I  ever have.

Now you wanna blow up my phone? 

Call me ‘bae’ and take me out?

I just want to forget you ever existed.

I don’t need someone with all the right kindling and none of the flame. 

I just want to feel alive. 

Gem or Junk, Writings

Push, Pardon

To all those that push

All those that fight
All the lost losers losing loosely

To all you buggers, barren, beaten, bullied
You faghags, batty boys, effeminate pussies.
You bitches, bastards, shit eating motherfuckers

You subjugated, segregated,
Degraded with self hatred

To all of you the gods have deemed unworthy
To you the saints deemed sinners
And the unoriginal condemn as abnormal

I raise this glass to you.
This chalice of human transgressions overflowing with feral iniquity.
I am queen of imperfections
And I toast to you.


Alabaster Angel

Most days, she is a hero.

Kindness in her eyes.

Love in her voice,

Preparing to carry the world

On narrow shoulders.

Some days, she is a villain.

A vendetta in her heart,

Suffering in her mind.

Stifling a pain great enough,

To tear the world apart.

She is imperfect, flawed, and indulgent.

Yet, she bears no shame,

For she holds within her spirit,

The very key to eternal life.

A love of herself so great, 

Even the Universe is envious. 

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What’s Going On With My Blog? (I Need Your Help)

So it’s pretty clear to me that I probably should’ve done this a week ago. I’ve talked about it on my Snapchat (poisonedannie) quite a bit, but I’ve yet to mention it here and I’m realizing a great deal of you don’t know what’s happening. 

Firstly, I have my own domain name! I’m actually Very excited about it. It means I’m one step closer to my dream career ( I’ve always wanted to blog and travel). The best part? An incredible team of blog designers (I’ll be doing a full review of the whole process soon enough) gave me a customized layout and design. It’s beautiful and really fits my aesthetic. I am officially poisonedannie.com!!! You can check out the site and all its glory here.

I’ve recently learned that self hosted blogs are not visible via Tags or Discover in the WordPress Reader. While I have been assured that this is temporary, as WordPress is currently working on a way to fix this, they have no plans to unveil anything in the very near future. That means the only people who can see my boo in the WPreader, are people that already follow me and those that actively seek me out. This is great, but in an effort to remain discoverable, I’ve been double posting. That means whatever I post on my main blog (I always post there first) I also post on my old, and now secondary, blog. I assure you, this is temporary. I won’t be double posting for long.

In the wake of my double posting, a few of you might be thinking that you were somehow removed as a follower from my blog. I know this because you’ve been re-following the secondary blog. It honestly makes me smile that you guys care so much. The crazy truth is that you don’t have to re-follow me. All of my followers from poisonedannie.wordpress.com were migrated to the main blog. That means you never stopped following me in the first place. Each new follower the wordpress blog gets will be migrated over to the main blog too. Jetpack makes it super easy. I just send them an email and they take care of the rest. The only thing I beg of you is to make sure you’re liking and commenting on posts from the main blog. Some of you have been really good about this. You can still find me under the ‘Sites I Follow’ tab. To be sure, when you click on the blog from the reader, you’ll see my user name as Arrianne (which is my real name). Either way though, I’m so incredibly greatful for all of the support, and you guys make all the tough parts worth it, promise.

I know I may be asking for a lot, and inconveniencing quite a few of you. I’m really sorry for that, and you should do whatever is most comfortable for you. Blogging is amazing, but it’s tough sometimes. I really believe that the most incredible things come with the biggest challenges, that’s part of the reason why they’re so incredible. That being said, Anything you need me to do to help with your blog, I am more than willing to do. I think we can all grow if we support each other. If no one else has your blogger back, I do.

Until Next We Meet,

Gem or Junk, Unboxings, Writings

Affiliate Links: Bad for Blogging?

This post is a tad different from what I typically do. This is something that’s been nagging at me since I made an email address specifically for my blog. It seems many people think affiliate links show a lack of integrity, while others believe they are a good way to make a living. In this post, I’m going to tell you why I think they’re both, a double edged sword of sorts.

Firstly, let’s go over what an affiliate link actually is. An affiliate link is a link that you post on your blog or channel or wherever. It’s often in the form of a coupon code. More often than not, the affiliate/poster receives a commission (monetary compensation) for posting the link and helping the brand to gain exposure to the poster’s following. Basically the blogger gets a coupon code to give their followers, and each time a follower uses the code, the blogger gets a little bit of money. Many commissions aren’t much higher than 15-20%, but that adds up quickly if a blogger has a loyal following.

Affiliate links are important, especially for bloggers. Youtubers can make money for each view, but bloggers often rely solely on ads and affiliate links, and the occasional sponsorship. For someone trying to make their blog something they can live off of, an affiliate link is their bread and butter. It can be a way to make money for recommending a product they probably already recommend.

The danger in affiliate links comes up when we start talking about proper disclosure. Did you know that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) considers it Illegal when affiliate links, sponsorships, and PR are not disclosed properly? Punishment for violating the FTC guidelines can be a fine of around $16,000! Now I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t consider that pocket change! It’s a hefty penalty for what seems to be a pretty common. In fact, I was recently contacted by a brand that wanted to give me an affiliate link. I looked them up and found out they had a lot of affiliates. Now that’s fine. It does mean that the market for this brand is pretty saturated and individual affiliates are more likely to make a little less money. Trust me, I have No problem with people getting their coin. I say snatch it like it’s running from you. The problem I Did have is that none of the affiliates seemed to be properly disclosing and I could just see it ending poorly. Therefore, I decided against it because it could damage my integrity to be associated with such a large instance of FTC violators. It would be like a Guilty By Association thing. 

Proper disclosure would be explicitly stating the nature of your relationship with a brand. Think of explaining it the way you would to a 2nd grader. If you received the items for free, say that. If you’re paid to review, or make a post, say that. If you receive monetary profit (or really any kind of profit) each time a follower purchases through you, say that. It’s best to overstate than to understate. If you have Any questions about the FTC guidelines, and how to disclose according to them, click here.

To wrap all this up, no, affiliate links aren’t neccesarily bad. They don’t mean you’re selling out and for a lot of bloggers, they’re just a way to make a living. Just be sure to disclose properly. I’d hate to see anyone slapped across the head with a fine for a silly mistake. Keep the Bloggerspehere Clean.

Until Next We Meet,