Workplace Woes: I Need to Vent!!!

I know I’ve never done a post like this before, but there’s a first time for everything so bear with me. 🐻

Look, I love my job. I really Really do! At the beginning of this year I was promoted and even received Two raises. Everything was peachy keen.

As I’m sure some of you know, growth in a company means growth in the amount of work you have to do. I’m fine with this but the way things have been going, I’m not only doing my job, I’m finding myself doing everyone else’s.

It can be incredibly frustrating because as I gain new responsibilities I notice that my coworkers still need me for everything. I could walk away to handle my own tasks and five minutes later all hell is breaking loose. I love being needed but I hate when people can’t seem to do anything without me.

It’s so stressful to have to finish my tasks and theirs. Eventually, I decided that enough is enough. I’ve decided to transfer and move away.

I’ve found my dream apartment (more on that in a later post) and it’s in a small town like I’ve always dreamed of. There’s good food, kind people, and wide open country roads. Naturally, I’ve been really looking forward to moving there.

At least, I was before last week. All of a sudden, managers were praising me. So far I’ve even gotten 3 private talks where the managers tell me how much of an asset I am, and how I do such a wonderful job, and how I’m bound for management.

It’s like, Finally!!! Finally, they’re taking notice to how hard I’ve been working. Finally, they’re proving that making me their go-to person isn’t just a way for them to take advantage of me. Finally I feel validated.

Great right? It would be if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve literally been counting down the days until I jump ship. I’ve been apartment shopping and mapping out what I plan to do with the space I’ll have. I’ve been planning this move for two months now, and I’ve got two more months to go.

This sucks. This stuck feeling, like I’m in quicksand and there’s a vine hanging over head but I’m too afraid to reach for it. I’m lost.

I’ve been so frustrated with work lately, and finally I’ve found a solution only for them to drop a big fat problem in my lap. Now, they’re invoking loyalty. Did I mention that I freaking love this job? Did I also mention that I freaking love these people?!

I keep thinking, what if this new job in this new town is horrible? What if it’s really boring? What if instead of standing out and moving up in this company I end up blending in?

All these feelings and thoughts are swirling around in my head, and I was Not feeling this uncertain until I started being appreciated.

I keep wondering if I go forward with this move, will I be making a mistake?

Anyway, thanks so much for letting me vent to you guys. It actually helped me feel a little better. Any tips or advice would be helpful.

Until Next We Meet,


Club Kid Chic

When you’re running late 😣

What’s you’re favorite club scene? Do you like to rave? Love a good dance hall? Personally, I’m a jazz club kind of girl. Give me some low lighting and a little smooth music and I am prepared to vibe the night away.

When you see your girls all dolled up πŸ˜„

Bearing in mind that I’m no makeup artist or beauty guru I went for a look that would be good for a jazzy scene (pun intended). I did a gold and deep blue lid with a copper lip. It reads vibrant without stepping out of theme.

When the cute guy in the corner looks your way 😍

Products Used

  • NYX Proof It! Eye primer
  • Make-up Revolution Salvation Palettes in Welcome to the Pleasuredome and Unicorns Unite
  • Starlooks Artist Eyeliner
  • PΓΌr Cosmetics lashes in Bombshell
  • AOA Studio’s Perfecting Blur Primer
  • AOA Studio’s Wonder Cover HD Concealer in Lavender
  • Cargo Cosmetics One Base Foundation in C04
  • Broadway Colors Powder Cheek Palette Kit in Summer
  • BeBe Strobe Palette from the Vanity Box Collection (specifically the shade Lilac Dreams
  • Trifle Cosmetics Sponge Bronzer
  • AOA Studio’s Wonder Metal Liquid Lipsticks in Truffle and OMG

I hope you guys enjoyed this look and let me know if there’s any others you want me to try!

Until Next We Meet

Beauty,, Gem or Junk

Impress Gel Manicure: The Future of Press Ons?

I received this for free in an Influenster Shimmer Vox Box to review. My first thought was “Um…I’ll pass”. To be honest I was looking back to the 90’s when Lee Press Ons were all the rage. The only problem was they lasted like a good 45 minutes before they started popping off. Nevertheless, I decided to give these a try and I am So glad I did.

FTC Disclaimer: Although I have received the item mentioned in this post for free to review, all thoughts and opinions stated in this post are 100% my own, promise.

This set is named ‘Scantily Clad’
Application was pretty easy. Just peel and stick. Apparently the harder you press the more they last. I’m gonna be honest, I was taken aback by how neat and professional they look. 

When I wore them to work I actually got a lot of compliments. Many of my coworkers actually get their nails done and they All thought I had done the same. No one believed they were actually press Ons. 

As far as lasting power, they’re pretty good. I got this set to last five days! What I really like is that they come with extra nails so if a nail pops off you can put one on in it’s place. πŸ’–πŸ₯€I only had a nail pop off on the third dayπŸ₯€πŸ’–.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with these Impress Gel nails. In fact I’m so impressed that I’m currently wearing a new set in ‘Bells and Whistles’. I’ve also been looking into more press on nails. 

I feel these in my future.

I’m so ecstatic because this has opened up a whole new world for me and I love discovering new things to love. 

Do you think press Ons have come a long way?

Until Next We Meet,

Unboxings, Writings

Boxycharm Waitlist Woes?

So, let’s be real. Boxycharm has taken over the beauty world by force. They’ve gone from an occasional sweet surprise to a beauty enthusiast must have. Seriously! The Boxycharm comment section is like the beauty community hunger games! 

One thing that’s happening more and more often is a select few being exiled to the Waitlist. Before we talk about why this is, let’s get through a few quick facts about Boxycharm.

  1. Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box.
  2. They give 4-5 full size beauty products for $21.00.
  3. They’ve worked with big brands like Tarte and Ofra.

Now let’s talk about this wait list business. I’ve noticed a pattern here. Boxycharm has a wait list more than a mile long, yet they constantly get new subscribers. You’re probably thinking that the people who have been on the list the longest are finally able to enter the beauty promised land, but that’s not necessarily the case. It seems like a first come first serve kind of deal. While most months people are riding the wailist, every once in a while Boxycharm sneaks in a no Waitlist for a limited time only kind of thingum (fair warning: thingum is not a word, but I have officially adapted into this blog’s vernacular because I like saying and typing it.)

The Names of commenters have been blurred as they did not expressly give me permission to use their comments for the sake of this post. I would never put anyone out there, especially if they didn’t want to be.

For example, this month, (currently) the wait list is lifted. While this is great news, there are people who probably have no idea and will continue to be on the outside looking in. It’s interesting that Boxycharm chooses to make this known in the comments but there’s no post or specific notification of this publicly. I have a theory on that later in this post. 

This is following the sneak peak of the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II Palette
It’s the same deal a few weeks ago. Another comment from Boxycharm saying the Waitlist is over temporarily. 

Suddenly, the Waitlist was back in action and left quite a few people stranded on the ex-isle (get it? Exile isle??? Hah! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…). 

Essentially all Boxycharm had to offer was an Oops! Our Bad! This Again took place in the comment section. 

Now I’ve got two working theories on why Boxycharm could remove a Waitlist and suddenly make it reappear like a magic trick. 

Let’s work on the idea that Boxycharm has to give brands a number that corresponds with the amount of product they need. So if they have 300 subscribers, they tell a brand (we’ll use Ofra as an example), “Ofra, we need 300 items to fulfill our orders”. Now, if you didn’t know, it’s usually cheaper to make and manufacture an item than the item is sold for. This is typically a markup scenario. So let’s say Ofra is feeling generous. They send Boxycharm 320 products. That leaves Boxycharm with a surplus of 20 extra products. Boxycharm can then simply request 20 more products from other brands in that month’s box (that is If the other brands haven’t sent them extra already. Something tells me they get extras quite a bit). Now, they really only have to focus on getting 20 extras from the major brands (the ones they do sneak peaks for). The other two can be toss ups of whatever extra products they have hanging around in the warehouse. πŸ₯€ Boxycharm has a charmer store and they could basically add to these 20 extra boxes whatever isn’t selling in that store to fill them outπŸ₯€. Basically this all boils down to Boxycharm selling off their extra products by temporarily removing the Waitlist. Once they’re out of extras the Waitlist comes back and they just request more products the following month to make up for the new additions. So the next month instead of telling Ofra they need 300 products, they would say they need 320. This could explain why they don’t make the removal of the Waitlist overtly known. They would already have a limited amount on hand. 

Now, going back to that Charmer shop. Let’s say Boxycharm does really well in sales. They sell a lot of products in the shop and earn some extra income. Now let’s also say they pay the brands that are featured in their boxes a commission.For arguments sake let’s say it’s like 8-10Β’ on every dollar for the box the product is in and if the brand has products in the charm shop, like a 15-20% commission on sales. This doesn’t seem like a lot but I’m betting Boxycharm has more than enough subscribers to make that worth it to brands. So let’s say they do incredible in sales. The more money they make the more revenue they can divert into extra manpower and product for more boxes. Once that extra income that’s alloted to the boxes is used up, Boxycharm puts the Waitlist back into effect. 

Keep in mind these are only working theories. I have no inside knowledge of the way Boxycharm is running their business and can only speculate. Also, I am in No way shape or form, trying to intentionally portray Boxycharm in a bad light. I have been a Loyal customer since December of 2016. I’m just hoping to help people wrap their heads around the Waitlist and Hopefully provide some insight for those of you who may be wondering what’s going on. All of that being said, I wanna know if you have any ideas about this Waitlist brouhaha (this is in fact a word and also officially apart of this blog’s vernacular). Share your theories in the comments. Do you think I was spot on? Am I  just making something out of nothing? 

Until Next We Meet, 

Holy Haul!

Shop Miss A Haul (#1)

It’s no secret that I love makeup. I love makeup so much that if it were a person, we’d be married with two kids (skincare and bath) by now. So of course, when I came across a website where most of the items were $1.00, I Had to give it a whirl.

I have to say, they package items Really well. They come wrapped in so much padding it’s like tearing open gifts on Christmas.
Here’s everything I grabbed. Fifteen items for Fifteen bucks.
This is the BR Six Shadow Set Number 4

I have no idea why I grabbed this. I knew what it would look like from the pictures but I still got it and still find it aesthetically annoying. The shadows are soft but Filled with glitter.

This is the Giovi 12 Shadow Palette #2

I actually had high hopes for this palette. It seems very unique. I’ve never seen these kinds of colors together in a palette before. This would make a good beginner palette. If you’re new to makeup and you don’t really know how to come up with looks this is right up your alley. The colors are pigmented enough to show up, but not so pigmented that you can’t play around with them to see what kind of looks work for you.

This is the Princessa 8 pan stack palette. I believe it’s in #3

I thought this was really unique. Two four pan palettes stacked on top of each other. Unfortunately, the colors don’t show up at all. 

This is the Princessa shadow and blush duo #2

While the shadows were decent, the blush basically fell apart with one swatch. 

This is a Pricessa Single Shadow in ‘Cobalt’

I have no idea why the Princessa singles are so incredible when the other two shadow palettes are crappy. Anyway, the packaging is cute and the shadow is gorgeous. I’ll definitely be collecting more of these.

The Santee Neutrals Shimmer Palette #2

Um, these shimmers are gorgeous and nothing else has to be said about this beauty. I love it. 

The L.A. Colors Shimmer Palette in ‘Wine and Roses’.
I usually love L.A. Colors but this was a flop. The colors are Much darker on the eye. These are Not true to pan which sucks. 

This is an L.A. Colors single in ‘Champagne’
This is a beautiful shadow with wonderful quality.

Here’s the Amuse Neutrals Palette #3 (left) and the Amuse Shadow Mix Palette #2 (right)

These are great palettes. The shadows are pigmented and super bendable. These are a definite win. 

This is an AOA Studio Potion Matte lipstick in ‘Brainchild’
This is a beautiful wine color. Surprisingly, this is transfer proof and had Intense staying power. It’s a tad dry though. Also, it smells EXACTLY like the cherry lifesaver gummies. Specifically the cherry ones! 

This is the AOA Studio Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Blogger’ 😜😏
This is honestly my new favorite liquid lippie formula. It’s long lasting, comfortable and transfer proof. Plus it also smells like Cherry Lifesaver gummies and it’s only $1.00! What more can I ask for??

These are two AOA Studio Wonder Baked Shadows in ‘Regal’ and ‘Saffron’

I am Obsessed with these! You can use them wet or dry and they actually look like different colors when you wet them. It’s like getting two shadows in one. They are super pigmented and bendable and I can’t recommend these singles enough! 

Last but certainly not least is this AOA Studio Wonder Baked Highlighter in ‘Macaroon’

This is a Gorgeous highlighter and amazingly it doesn’t emphasize texture. 

I’m really happy with this Haul. Yes, there were some misses but the good far outweighed the bad. I came in with low expectations and I left pleasantly surprised. I’ll definitely be doing another none of these soon.

Have you ever heard of shopmissA? If you’ve done a Haul link it in the comments, I’m currently binge watching and binge reading them.

Until Next We Meet,

Gem or Junk

Monat Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner: Real Hair Love?

I used to think all shampoos and conditioners were created equal. Honestly, to me they were all the same with different smells. It turns out I was wrong. There is definitely a healthy hair hierarchy in play here. In this post I’m going to go over some samples  I received for review purposes and give you my thoughts. First, let’s learn a little bit more about Monat:

  1. The brand got its start in 2014 and has taken off with the help of Market Partners and VIP Customers (we’ll get more into that at the end of this post).
  2. The brand’s products are paraben and sulfate free. 
  3. Monat recently teamed up with the Salvation Army to help give back to children in the U.S and Canada. 

Now let’s get down and dirty. 

Although I received these products complimentary for review purposes all thoughts and opinions as stated in this post are 100% my own, promise.
I was sent these products by the lovely Dee to review.

 πŸ’‡πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ I’ll have Dee’s contact info at the end of this post should you wish to learn more about Monat or it’s VIP Customer ProgramπŸ’‡πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

While my hair is naturally kinky/curly, shampoos tend to somehow straighten it out. It’s like they have so much crap in them that they way my hair down. Even though the Revitalize Shampoo was not particularly spectacular, it did allow my hair to keep its wild child texture which I Love. I was so happy to feel my hair and see it all curled up because that rarely happens. Whatever is, or isn’t, in this shampoo helps hair to maintain it’s texture which I call a curly girl plus. 

The Conditioner was amazing. When I squeezed it out of the packet it came out almost like a fluff. It was creamy and left my hair feeling Super soft. In fact it’s so soft I’m constantly touching it. While the Shampoo was nice, the Conditioner was wonderful! 

My hair officially feels like a fleece blanket, a cup of cocoa with cinnamon and marshmallows, and a good book on a snowy day. My hair texture is as wild child as ever, and the products managed to avoid stripping my hair color. There is certainly something to these products and I’m interested in trying more, or at the very least snagging that Conditioner. 

Now let’s chitchat about Monat and their programs. 

So it seems like being a VIP has certain benefits. You receive things like free shipping, 15% off of Monat products, free samples, and even birthday goodies. This sounds pretty good, especially when you think about how expensive the products are. That Conditioner I officially need in my life? Yea, that’s $40.00. That’s a little steep. Being a VIP comes with a few caveats. In order to get those benefits, you have to agree to three flexship orders. You also have to pay a membership fee. The fee is $19.99 USD and $24.95 CAD. If you think about it, it’s a one time fee and if you buy three products with that sweet little discount, you’ve already covered the cost of the membership with the coin you save. The flexship orders are kind of like a monthly hair subscription box. For a certain amount each month (what I’m seeing is $84.00 USD and $110.00 CAD) you’ll get the discount, access to limited edition products, as well as a free product. In all honesty, two monat products are going to run you $80.00 so it might be a little more cost effective to be a VIP, especially since they’re coming out with new products (they just released and brow and Lash serum in March with a pretty price tag). They also seem to let you skip every other month if the price tag is still a little too much. Overall the program makes sense for fans of the brand. 

It seems like Monat is a MLM. Think Lipsense, or Lula Roe, or Limelight by Alcone. It’s kind of like the sleek, modern version of the Avon Lady, except the Monat Lady more than likely has great hair. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, I’d say Monat is definitely worth checking out. They do have a pretty high commission rate. 20% is about average for these kinds of “be your own boss” businesses. I can’t really speak to the nature of these kinds of programs because I’ve never really been into sales, (I’m too nonchalant about the word ‘No’ and in this kind of game persistence is key) and consequently, have never really looked into MLMs. I’m sure Dee has a few answers though πŸ˜‹. 

Whew! This was a long one!
To wrap it up, I’m pretty intrigued by the brand. Personally I’m more concerned with the products than the business aspect, but that’s just my style. The Conditioner and that Lash serum are definitely calling my name. 

πŸ’‡πŸΎβ€β™€οΈIf you’re curious about Monat or it’s programs, you can get in touch with Dee! Email: mermaid_squad@yahoo.com Website: mymonat.com/mermaidsquad πŸ’‡πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

Until Next We Meet,

Gem or Junk

Ulta Maximum Lashes Mascara: All That Lash?

I’m a pretty big fan of Ulta mascaras. For some reason I always love them and I’m building up quite the little collection of them. I picked this up for $10.50. 

If you want me to do a mascara post where I go over these and pick the best one, let me know!
The wand is rubber which is normal for Ulta mascaras. I love how it has big splits between the bristles because that’s perfect for separating Lashes. 

Here I am pre mascara.
Here I am post mascara
Here’s a little close up

I definitely love the way this mascara works. Because of the wand it’s like each Lash gets special treatment. 

I saw some reviews that said it flakes off but in all honesty, that’s never happened to me. But, just because it hasn’t happened to me, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to them, so maybe that’s something to think about before purchasing.  

As always, Ulta didn’t disappoint. What do you think? Am I lashy? 

Until Next We Meet, 

Gem or Junk

Absolute New York Icon Palette (Exposed): Gem or Junk?

Eyeshadow palettes have become my new makeup obsession and every time I find one worthwhile I get So excited to share it with you guys. πŸ₯€Fair Warning: There will be a Lot of eyeshadow palette reviews in the near future. I hope you all are as excited as I am about that!πŸ₯€

Notice anything familiar?

It’s the Icon palette in ‘Exposed’. Since they have more than one Icon palette it would make since to have the names on the packaging to differentiate (they dropped the ball on that). Of course this palette looks just like the original Naked palette.  To be honest, I didn’t notice it until I got it home and opened it up again. I paid $6.99 for it at Burlington though the regular price is $14.99. This palette, and all of the other icon palettes can be found at www.absolutenewyork.com.

There are 3 mattes in this palette and the rest are shimmers

Oddly enough, I wasn’t drawn to the original Naked palette but for some reason I was Very drawn to this one. I have no idea what that could be about. 

Here I am before the look.

If you’ve read my Tarte Dream Big Palette review, then you already know that I’ve started putting Vaseline under my eyes because it catches any fall out, and also makes it more visible on camera. 

I look spooked.

While this palette didn’t have a lot of fallout, when you look at the outer corners of my eyes you can definitely see some. 

I honestly really enjoy this palette. All of the shades are soft and pigmented. They also blend wonderfully. Now I’ve never tried the original Naked so unfortunately I can’t speak to if this is a successful dupe quality wise, but this is a solid palette and definitely worth giving a go.

Until Next We Meet, 


Milani SpotLight: Light of My Life?

I love a good glow. Lately, I’ve been into more of the natural gleam kind of thing, but every time I see a highlighter that’s remotely extra, I Have to give in and grab it. This milani strobe is no different. 

I snagged it for $13.00 in the shade ‘Golden Light’. Look at how insanely beautiful this is! Ugh I literally can’t stop staring at it.

I’ve had it for about three weeks now. It took me so long to gather my thoughts because I didn’t like it originally. The first time I tried it I used my Crown Jumbo Kabuki Fan brush. It’s a massive fan brush that’s densely packed and is perfect for highlights most of the time. It wasn’t right for this. Here’s why. 

I swatched each shade individually and the last one on the left is all of the shades together.
Since I’ve been into a more subtle glow lately the fan brush packed on way too much pigment for me. It just looked over the top. 

Look at how pretty they are!
Last week I switched it up a little and was pleasantly surprised. 

Here I am pre glow
This time I used a luxie tapered brush. It’s nice and fluffy. 

Here I am all glowed up

I have to say, after giving this a second shot, it’s definitely a win. 

What do you think? Am I a glow getter or what? 

Gem or Junk

Tarte Limited Edition Dream Big Palette: Day Dreamer or Dream Deferred?

Tarte is the star of limited editions. They regularly come out with a few small palettes that sell and then fade into oblivion. This palette is one of them. I thought it would be a good idea to get in depth and see if it’s any good. 

🍎It should be noted that this is my first experience with Tarte eyeshadow so I’m not at all equipped to say how this palette holds up against any palettes in Tarte’s permanent collection🍎

This palette was $30.00. I’ve taken a picture of it in natural lighting and the swatches match that setup starting at the top from left to right in the palette and right to left on my arm. 

So from right to left on the arm we have ‘this is it’, ‘all in’, ‘go for it’, ‘you can’, ‘happening’, ‘hustle’, ‘ambitious’, and ‘risktaker’.
The mattes are very soft and buttery. The shimmers are very smooth feeling which I think will play well even with textured lids. 

So, I did this palette review a little differently today. I went much more in depth than normal because I really wanted to be able to tell you how Every shade works. 

I did my eyeshadow before anything else. I primed my eyes with Nyx Proof It eye primer. I also swiped Vaseline onto my cheeks and the sides of my eyes. I did that because not only will the Vaseline catch any fall out and make it easy to wipe away, but it also makes fallout much more visible on camera. That means you’ll really be able to see how the palette does. 

Before we get to the look. I want to go over the shades that didn’t really get Incorporated into this look today.

 πŸ₯€Yes, I have used every shade in this palette. I’ve had it about two weeks and I’ve played with it quite a bitπŸ₯€

‘All in’ is by far my favorite shade. It’s an absolutely beautiful rosy peach with no fallout. It really is true to pan. I use ‘ambitious’ as a base color. It’s very buttery and let’s the other shadows play well together. ‘Risktaker’ is very beautiful. It has minimal fallout and I think it would make a gorgeous highlighter.

Now on to the shades I used in today’s look. 

While ‘go for it’ blended into the crease pretty well, ‘hustle’ hit me hard with a bunch of fallout. It literally looked like I had smudged it all over the end of my lid, which was Not my game plan. 

I wiped awaybthe fallout from ‘hustle’ and added more Vaseline. It was just too distracting.

I packed ‘happening’ all over the lid. The fallout on this was pretty minimal and I really liked how it looks on the lid. 

I put ‘this is it’ in my inner corner. At first I thought this shade was too similar to ‘risktaker’ but they actually look quite different on the eye.  I then used ‘you can’ on the brow bone and it is just shimmery gold goodness. I also think it would be a beautiful highlighter.

Here’s the finished look up close and personal.

I have to admit, Tarte made a solid first impression. The fallout isn’t horrible. In fact, only ‘hustle’ has any real fallout. I love the range of colors and the packaging is adorable. This is definitely a win for me. 

What do you think?

 Until Next We Meet,