Night Cap

This is bullshit. It was supposed to turn out differently.

Last night I gave you the stars.

All you gave me was a mess. Stained sheets, wild hair, a leg cramp, and nothing to show for it. With you, I felt more alone than I  ever have.

Now you wanna blow up my phone? 

Call me ‘bae’ and take me out?

I just want to forget you ever existed.

I don’t need someone with all the right kindling and none of the flame. 

I just want to feel alive. 

Gem or Junk, Writings

Push, Pardon

To all those that push

All those that fight
All the lost losers losing loosely

To all you buggers, barren, beaten, bullied
You faghags, batty boys, effeminate pussies.
You bitches, bastards, shit eating motherfuckers

You subjugated, segregated,
Degraded with self hatred

To all of you the gods have deemed unworthy
To you the saints deemed sinners
And the unoriginal condemn as abnormal

I raise this glass to you.
This chalice of human transgressions overflowing with feral iniquity.
I am queen of imperfections
And I toast to you.


Alabaster Angel

Most days, she is a hero.

Kindness in her eyes.

Love in her voice,

Preparing to carry the world

On narrow shoulders.

Some days, she is a villain.

A vendetta in her heart,

Suffering in her mind.

Stifling a pain great enough,

To tear the world apart.

She is imperfect, flawed, and indulgent.

Yet, she bears no shame,

For she holds within her spirit,

The very key to eternal life.

A love of herself so great, 

Even the Universe is envious. 

Gem or Junk

Fiona Stiles Soft Cheek Veil: Making Us Blush?

This is a blush I’ve been eyeing for a while. We’d always see each other in Ulta, make a little polite chit chat and go our separate ways. Each time I walked away, I wound up regretting it more than the last time. Finally, I had to go for it. No more holding back. Before we find out if I made a love connection let’s go over a few quick facts about the brand:

  1. The brand is the brainchild of celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, hence the name.
  2. The brand is currently doing some “housekeeping”. Seems Ulta isn’t what they expected it to be. 
  3. The brand is currently exclusive to Ulta.

Now let’s get blushing like brides. I picked this up for $5.00. The regular price is $20.00.  Now the packaging is what first caught my eye. It may not look like much but it’s brilliant. It’s a deep navy chrome with a nice metal feel. There’s a magnetic latch making opening and closing it a breeze. 

I picked it up in the shade ‘Pomander Walk’ which is described as a bright peony. 

This is honestly the pinkest shade I have Ever attempetes to wear on my cheeks. It’s a beautifully bright pink.

*The Pink Print 😂

It has a very nice feel to it. It feels very finely milled. It reminds me of a loose pigment somehow. 

I figured this wouldn’t be for me. I thought my skin tone and a pink this bright would not be friends at all. Luckily, it was love at first sight. This added a beautiful flush of color to my cheeks. Even though it seems really pigmented, it’s actually quite soft. It looks really natural.

*I hope this picture didn’t freak you out🙃

I’m super happy with the outcome. It looks like I’ve found a new makeup soul mate. 

Take a look at my hand. Do I have a royal blush? 🃏

Until Next We Meet

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What’s Going On With My Blog? (I Need Your Help)

So it’s pretty clear to me that I probably should’ve done this a week ago. I’ve talked about it on my Snapchat (poisonedannie) quite a bit, but I’ve yet to mention it here and I’m realizing a great deal of you don’t know what’s happening. 

Firstly, I have my own domain name! I’m actually Very excited about it. It means I’m one step closer to my dream career ( I’ve always wanted to blog and travel). The best part? An incredible team of blog designers (I’ll be doing a full review of the whole process soon enough) gave me a customized layout and design. It’s beautiful and really fits my aesthetic. I am officially poisonedannie.com!!! You can check out the site and all its glory here.

I’ve recently learned that self hosted blogs are not visible via Tags or Discover in the WordPress Reader. While I have been assured that this is temporary, as WordPress is currently working on a way to fix this, they have no plans to unveil anything in the very near future. That means the only people who can see my boo in the WPreader, are people that already follow me and those that actively seek me out. This is great, but in an effort to remain discoverable, I’ve been double posting. That means whatever I post on my main blog (I always post there first) I also post on my old, and now secondary, blog. I assure you, this is temporary. I won’t be double posting for long.

In the wake of my double posting, a few of you might be thinking that you were somehow removed as a follower from my blog. I know this because you’ve been re-following the secondary blog. It honestly makes me smile that you guys care so much. The crazy truth is that you don’t have to re-follow me. All of my followers from poisonedannie.wordpress.com were migrated to the main blog. That means you never stopped following me in the first place. Each new follower the wordpress blog gets will be migrated over to the main blog too. Jetpack makes it super easy. I just send them an email and they take care of the rest. The only thing I beg of you is to make sure you’re liking and commenting on posts from the main blog. Some of you have been really good about this. You can still find me under the ‘Sites I Follow’ tab. To be sure, when you click on the blog from the reader, you’ll see my user name as Arrianne (which is my real name). Either way though, I’m so incredibly greatful for all of the support, and you guys make all the tough parts worth it, promise.

I know I may be asking for a lot, and inconveniencing quite a few of you. I’m really sorry for that, and you should do whatever is most comfortable for you. Blogging is amazing, but it’s tough sometimes. I really believe that the most incredible things come with the biggest challenges, that’s part of the reason why they’re so incredible. That being said, Anything you need me to do to help with your blog, I am more than willing to do. I think we can all grow if we support each other. If no one else has your blogger back, I do.

Until Next We Meet,



She had wondered what it meant, 

When it was happening, 

She payed little attention. 

Suddenly, she found herself, 

In the middle of a wildfire, 

Ash falling down around her like snow. 

She was shocked to see what was burning; 

High above her in the sky, 

The bridges she worked so hard to build, 

Collapsing on barren ground. 

She shivered at the thought of it, 

Even shed a tear. 

But she kept moving, 

Further into the light.