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Falsies: First Time for Everything?

This blog has not only taught me a lot about beauty, but it’s also taught me a lot about myself. I’ve learned that there are no rules to makeup. It’s an art form and works differently for each of us. I’ve also learned to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Here’s where false lashes come in. I’ve never worn them before and have been mostly terrified at the thought of them, but in the spirit of this blog, and others like it, I’m giving them a whirl. Before we find out if things went terribly wrong, I wanna share with you guys why I’m so wary of falsies.

Back when I was this tiny and cute, I was the world’s bossiest baby. I told everyone what to do because I thought I knew everything. My little cousin had horrible allergies and I had always seen my mom put eye drops in my cousin’s eyes to keep her from rubbing them. I thought I’d do the same thing. Instead of grabbing the eye drops, I grabbed glue instead (baby me couldn’t read and only knew the shapes of the bottles were alike). I put glue in my cousin’s eyes!!! Her lids were glued shut! Of course she was rushed to an eye doctor who gave her parents something to ease her lids open, but I was traumatized. Ever since, I’ve been unsure of falsies because they typically require glue and that was a terrifying moment in my life. I just knew karma would smack me if I ever wore falsies. 

Now, let’s get to it. 

*I’m wearing a lip scrub, so pay no mind to my messy mouth.

I did most of my makeup and here I am sans false lashes. I lined my eyes right under the lid with a blue eyeliner. This was so that I could see where to place the lashes, without drawing too much attention or being obvious.

Here I am with one eyelash on. I was honestly shocked at the difference. I’ve always been a fan of my eyes but they Really stand out with false lashes! The lashes pretty much put my eyes in a spotlight.

*I look like one of those creepily cute dolls you find in the attic of an abandoned house you and your trouble maker friends are snooping around, only to found out that the house is haunted*

Here’s the complete look. I actually really like it! It’s so crazy how a little thing could make such a big difference!

The best part of this whole experience? My eyes didn’t get glued shut!!! Turns out that while the eyelash glue is sticky, it’s nowhere Near sticky enough to glue your eyelids together. And to think, I’ve been avoiding this really awesome thing for no reason.

What do you think? Are my lashes on point, or am I being faker than my falsies?

Until Next We Meet,