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Good4You Plant Makeup Hibiscus Blush Powder

Plant Makeup is an all natural cosmetics and skin care brand. Here are a few quick points about the brand.

  • They  create their products using flowers and herbs.
  •  The line of beauty products began as a line of herbal teas!
  • All of their products are cruelty free.

Now on to business. I purchased the blush in hibiscus because I thought the color would be the right amount of rosy for me. I tend to lean more towards rosy and peachy tinted blushes.

The price of it is $20.00 but at the time that I purchased it, there was a coupon code so with shipping I only paid $19.00.

*How cute is that coupon code?!!!

Processing and shipping took about five days, even with the insane weather we had here in Atlanta.

To be quite frank, the swatches I did when I received it left me unimpressed. It Was stated on the website that the blush is more soft and gentle so I wasn’t particularly expecting the most pigment in the world, but it came off as kind of ‘meh’.

I decided however, to really give it a chance. In my experience, swatches can sometimes tell a different story than actually using the product. So I couldn’t really judge the quality of it on swatches alone, and I’m Really glad I didn’t.

On the left side of my face I applied the blush with a powder poof, and I used a brush on the right side. It turned out great! It added the perfect amount of rosiness and my cheeks looked flushed, just how I like it.

As far as application, there wasn’t much of a difference, though I did prefer the powder poof side. If you choose to use a brush, be sure to tap off the excess!

I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised and it’s certainly become one of my favorite blushes. I like it so much that I think I’m going to collect them all! Here’s the link to the Hibiscus Blush!

*At the time of this posting the blush was sold out, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be restocked until June because they’re moving. Lots of other blushes are still in stock though, and trust me, Hibiscus is definitely worth the wait!

On that note, may your makeup be flawless and your cheeks be flushed.

Until Next We Meet,



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